The widespread proliferation of mobile phones has enabled almost anyone to get in touch with anyone else at any time. This massive popularisation of communication technology is quite unparalleled by anything else in history. While this has brought many advantages to the modern society, it has also brought its downsides. Communication may be used for various nefarious purposes. And hence one may be interested in tracking others’ communications.

Maybe you have a kid who you want to protect from harassment of bullying. Or maybe you have a spouse that you are suspicious about. Governments regularly spy for the purpose of security. There are various ways in which you may intercept other’s text messages. Some methods are SIM card cloning or IMSI catcher. SIM cloning is somewhat difficult to perform and requires specialised equipment. Use of IMSI catcher requires highly specialized and expensive tools and skillsets, and hence is only used in the scope of law enforcement, surveillance or other government agencies. However, the widespread use of smartphones has enabled quite a few opportunities for regular people to exploit surveillance as well. Smartphones are capable of a lot more than just phone calls and text messaging.

They are essentially small computers that can run application software all the time, which has full access to the smartphone’s communication features. This means that apps can run in the background and keep tabs on phone calls, text messages and more. This has enabled the development of many dedicated spy apps. Let us take a look at some of these text message tracking apps.

Spy Phone App:

This app does pretty much what it says in its name – it is a good spy app. It is a pretty good text message tracking app. In addition to text message tracking, it mas many other features such call recording, GPS tracking, copying phone logs, contacts, photos etc. as well. You need physical access to the target device along with the device password in order to install the app. You will also require the creation of an account with their online service, where all the data gets uploaded. You can check all the phone data being uploaded by logging in to the website. If Internet connectivity is temporarily lost, the app can store the data and then upload it when connectivity is restored.

The app can upload a copy of all the incoming and outgoing SMS as well as MMS messages, any attached images, the phone numbers on the other end and their corresponding contact entries and the target phone’s GPS location at the time when the message was sent or received. These features with regard to message tracking make this a great text message tracking app.


This is another feature rich phone tracking app with a good interface and some useful features. It also has many SMS interception features which makes this a good text message tracking app. This app also has on the online portal where all the phone data is uploaded and can be accessed from. An interesting feature of this app is that you can remotely install it on to the target phone without getting physical access. It can record and upload the contents of all incoming and outgoing SMS.

It also features the ability to intercept text messages from Internet-based messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber and Snapchat. Along with tracking text messages, it also has GPS tracking, SIM card change alert and camera tracking. It also has the feature of capturing a screenshot of any app and upload it to the online portal for you to see.


This is another spy app with good text messaging tracking features. This app also has an online portal where you need to create an account and where all the data is uploaded. It can send all the contents, timestamps and sender or recipient information to the online portal for you to see. In addition, it also has powerful GPS tracking features. It has GPS fencing, which creates a virtual zone, and if the phone leaves that zone, you receive an automatic alert.