May 28, 2020
how to catch a cheater

Worried about how to catch a cheater? Here are the 10 most clever ways.

  If you’re trying to figure out the reason behind the weird behavior that your partner has been showing up lately; be it late night phone calls or messages that he/she prefers to answer secretively or the unusual late sittings at work that you’ve been taking notice of. And all of this makes you wonder if an unwanted situation is coming your way, then this is exactly what you should be reading. This article is going to show you different ways to catch a cheater and determine the status of your suspicions.

  Remember, confronting your partner without any proof would take you nowhere. So, try being vigilant and observe every step that your partner takes. Once you have collected your proofs, you can easily confront him/her.

Let’s now look at the 10 most clever ways to catch a cheater:

Monitor his/her cell phone usage:

 It’s not easy to catch a cheater but if you notice your partner spending most of their time on the phone, while they’re unwilling to share what’s keeping them busy then there’s most likely something fishy going on. Try to keep an extra check and look for the following;

  • He/she prefers using phone when it is time that you two can preferably spend together
  • Excessive usage of phone that continues during meal hours as well (even when you are out to have dinner)
  • You want to have a deep conversation with your partner about something but he/she cannot just stop using their phone
  • Your partner is busy when you need them but always available for using phone

Try checking your partner’s phone in their absence:

 Checking their phone may unveil a lot of hidden secrets but that could only be possible in your partner’s absence. So look for a suitable time and get your hands on your honey’s phone to catch him/her. Spy and look for the following to detect if your partner is up to something;

  • Repeated calls and messages to and from the same number
  • Calls with unusually longer duration
  • Any hidden applications
  • Photos of your partner with an unfamiliar face (opposite gender)

If your partner acts overprotective of his/her phone:

 Try to notice if your partner is being overprotective of his/her phone. Although it is important to respect each other’s privacy in relationships, but if your partner reacts in an unusual way and doesn’t allow you to be near their phone and literally freaks out if you’re about to see a call or message that appears, then it shows something is just not right. Try asking your partner indirectly of his unusual behavior and see what answers you get.

Keep track of your partner’s Social Media Accounts:

Having a profile on :

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat

    or other social applications is mainstream these days.

 Stalk your partner’s social profiles to see if there’re any frequent comments and likes from the same person. If it is so, then first see if you’re familiar with that person in any way, if not, stalk him/her to find out further if your worst fears are coming true. Try to see if you have been put on restriction, as this would clearly indicate there was something your partner wanted to hide from you.

Do not throw away papers in the waste before checking them:

When you’re investigating to try to catch a cheater, it is important to check each and everything before discarding it. You could be lucky enough to find;

  • Receipts that show expensive items that were bought but are nowhere to be seen at home;
  • Phone bills that went missing a few days earlier, showing huge amounts;
  • Restaurants bills that were not paid for you;
  • Movie tickets that you never went to watch;

     If you find any of the above, ask for an explanation from your  partner and observe his/her expressions.

Fading intimacy in relationship:

 It is common for spouses to become uninterested in their marriage if they’ve given that special place to somebody else.

If that spark in your relationship is fading away and it is only         you putting the effort to get it back, it might mean that your partner is losing interest in the relationship while getting involved somewhere else. It is an important factor that could determine your fears as right or wrong. Try discussing with your partner and ask him/her why they feel least bothered about it.

Closely assessing your partner’s behavior:

 Try assessing your partner’s behavior, for instance, if he/she behaves unusually nice, it could be an effort to dissolve any suspicions building up in your mind. It could also be the other way around, where your partner tends to ignore you a lot and doesn’t pay attention to your needs. Either way, it should ring up your alarms and have you fasten up your seatbelt to catch a cheater.

Planning for future:

 It is not uncommon for couples to plan for the future for e.g;

  • Making plans for vacations in other countries
  • Planning to discover new places in the homeland on long weekends
  • Planning different activities with kids 
  • Arranging meet ups with friends
  • Paying visits to in laws and other relatives

  If your partner is least bothered to get involved in any of the above then it sure is a sign that he/she has something else in mind which is getting on top of their family on the priority list.

Trying to catch a cheater? Pay a visit to your partner without informing:

 It is a very effective method to catch a cheater. . If it is your husband whom you suspect of cheating, go to his office at the time of an important meeting. If you don’t find him there, you’re pretty close to catch him red handed.

 While on the other hand, if it is your wife then you can take a break from work and visit home at a time when she would least expect you to be there.

Try confronting your better half:

     When you’ve analyzed closely and are sure that your better half     is up to something, then it is finally time to confront your partner by letting him/her know that you’re well aware about their whereabouts and that nothing is hidden from you anymore. At this time, you could easily make out from your partner’s reaction, whether your suspicions are true or not.     It is then time to get all your questions answered and try to get things settled with a mutual decision where your partner should either leave their newly found love or part ways with you.

 It is crucial to reach on a conclusion that suits both of you, if you think you can forgive your spouse and get along with him/her after finding out what they did, then you may settle things down but make sure your partner is sorry for what they’ve been doing. On the other hand, it might not be easy for everybody to forgive a partner who’s been cheating on them, in that case, you could make him/her realize how big a mistake they’ve committed and that you can not live with somebody who is not fair in their relationships.


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