May 29, 2020
catch a cheating spouse on iphone

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse On Iphone

These days, people now see cheating in a relationship as being smart. But if you don’t want anyone to play a smart one on you, you now have the necessary technology to prevent that from happening.  In the past, people try to find out if their spouse is cheating on them by following their spouse wherever they go or hiring a secret investigator.  If you are a busy person, you may not have the time to follow your spouse like a duckling wherever he or she goes. The other option-hiring an investigator-is expensive, and there is no guarantee for results.  But technology has certainly given us a better option. With the right monitoring app, you don’t have to spend a lot or follow your spouse to monitor him or her. Here we are going to look at how to catch a cheating spouse on iphone.

Night Recorder

This feature in an app allows you record sounds made close to the phone your spouse is holding. It can record calls and other types of conversation made by your spouse. This is one of the smartest ways on how to catch a cheating spouse on iphone. If he or she is having an affair, you will probably know from conversations they will make. Moreover, your distance from your spouse does not play any role in your ability to listen to the conversation. As long as your cell phone or laptop is close to you, the recording app will transmit all voice data to your device.

Spying on social media activities

You can use the app to spy on your boyfriend or girlfriend’s social media activities. A lot of cheating and pre-dating activities can be done through social media. With the spying app installed on their iphone, you can easily read through conversations, browse history, and get regular updates on their activities in social media.  The most satisfying thing about this app is the fact that your spouse will not be aware of the app installed in their iphone. So, you can carry out your spying activities and find out all you need to find out without them ever knowing.

Reading through text messages

This is perhaps the most common way on how to catch a cheating spouse on iphone.  Most spying apps usually have text message features where you can read through your spouse’s messages and find out who they are communicating with. Even if the message is deleted as soon as they are read by your spouse, you will still be able to see them on your mobile phone, iphone, or computer.

Using an app history

With app history, you will be able to know where your spouse has visited.  There are several apps for this purpose such as Urban Spoon and Google Maps. These can be used alongside your spying app to get the best result.  Even if the history is deleted from the browser, it’s still possible to see where your spouse has visited and where they are spending most of their time. This feature will be very relevant if you have a spouse who gives several reasons to stay out. With app history, you will be able to know whether they are telling the truth.

Photo and image tracker

This feature hacks the gallery of the target phone and shows videos and pictures stored on the phone. There are different types of photo trackers and they are relatively inexpensive to acquire.    Once the app is installed on your spouse phone, you will be able to go through all types of images and photos they have in their phone or have stored through social media pages. Although most cheaters will easily delete any incriminating photo or video in their iphones, it’s still worth it to have this app because they might slip up at one time or the other.

There are several other ways to catch a cheating spouse on iphone but these are the most common and most effective.  So, whenever you have any inclination that your spouse is cheating on you, there is a way to find out to give yourself the assurance you are with the right person.


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