May 29, 2020
catch a cheating spouse with spy apps

Stop wasting your time and start using spy apps to catch a cheating spouse

Cheating is one of the most challenging problems in a relationship. It has never been easier to cheat on your partner as well as to be caught. As a result of the development and spread of the Internet and modern technologies, there are many ways how your partner can cheat on you. Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber have never been as popular as they are today.
No one wants to deal with cheating, but even the happiest couples may face with affairs. Statistics show that about 15% of married people have cheated on their spouses. Why do people cheat?
Cheating is a quite common phenomenon, and the reasons are multiple and complex. There are several motives why in the modern world when we have freedom of choice, and no one makes us marry someone, we are unfaithful to our partners. Here are the most common reasons why people decide to cheat on their spouse:
• Lack of sexual satisfaction in the relationship. This reason is the most common for both men and women. People suppose to improve their sexual life when they have an affair.
• Partners are bored with routine. They want to get a new emotional outburst and to change something in their life.
• One of the partners feels underestimated by his/her spouse and is discontent with the current relationship. Many people cheat because their emotional needs were not met, and they find their relationship dissatisfying.
• People are too different. Partners have different political or religious views, purpose in life or some other things. They never can agree on something.
• Situational factors. Sometimes people cheat when they are drunk, on vacation or have a party with friends.
• A person wants to boost his/her self-esteem. Some people cheat to enhance their self-confidence and assert their independence. Cheaters want to prove their partner that they can have an affair with other people.
When people look for evidence and want to prove or deny their suspicions, they resort to spy apps. Today there are a large number of various spy apps with features and price for every taste. Cheating apps are the most undetectable and proven technique to monitor the activity of a spouse. We are going to review some cheating apps that can help you to catch your dishonest partner.

Track Your Cheating Spouse With mSpy

mSpy is one of the well-known spy apps for cheating. You can use it on Android and iOS phones. The app works in the background mode, so your spouse won’t know that his/her device is being monitored. mSpy is easy to install and use. You can view all monitored data in your Control Panel, that is created immediately after app installation.
The mSpy app for cheating allows you to know even the slightest details of your spouse’s life and gives you an ability to spy on:
• Incoming/outgoing calls. You can view the duration, timestamp and the phone number of each call. Know who your spouse communicates with most often.
• Text messages and emails. In your Control Panel, you can look through all sent, received and even deleted messages.
• Messaging Apps. You can monitor text messengers, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Sky, Viber, Snapchat, Facebook.
• GPS location. Use this feature to know what places your spouse visit most often and whether your partner is where he/she should be.
• Multimedia files. View what photos and video your spouse saves and takes on the phone.
• Internet activity. Monitor what websites your cheating wife/husband visits most often and which of them he/she adds to the bookmarks.


• Reasonable price.
• Call recording. It is a handy feature when spying on a spouse.
• 24/7 support through calls, email and online chat.
• Intuitive Control Panel.
• It is not compatible with Symbian and Blackberry.
• Many Premium features need rooting or jailbreaking.

What About Couple Tracker?

Couple Tracker is the best app for cheating to prevent affairs and cheating. It is an ordinary spy application. It has a slightly different concept. Partners should agree on mutual monitoring and fairly exchange of information. Both partners can track the activity of each other in real-time.
The Couple Tracker allows spouses to monitor, share and exchange text message, GPS location history and call log. The app captures even deleted calls and SMS so that you can rely on the tracked data. There is also a Facebook statistics, where you can see who likes and comments your partner’s photos and posts. You can view all the tracked information in real-time. This application helps to catch a cheating partner or to prevent affairs.


• Low price and a free license. You can use Couple tracker for free with limited functionality.
• Real-time sharing.

• Limitations on a message length that you can view. Pro license allows viewing only 50 characters.
• Limited feature set.
• You can use the app only on an agreement. You can not secretly spy on your spouse’s activity.
• Compatible with Android phones only.

How Can Spyzie Help You?

Spyzie is in the top five apps for cheating. It is compatible with Android and iOS phones. Spyzie can be your best assistant in helping you to catch a cheater. It has many features that will help you to keep an eye on the activity of your partner.
This app allows you to spy on calls and messages, GPS location and browser history, photos and instant messengers. You can track all the popular social networks such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, Facebook, Snapchat, Line, Skype, Kik, Viber, and more.
Moreover, you can capture screenshots to view the target’s phone screen and set alerts to be notified when suspicious words are used on the target device or sent to it. This app helps you to know everything that your partner is doing on the mobile device.


• Easy installation.
• Affordable price.
• A great feature set.

• Limited options for iOS devices.
• The app reduces the battery.

Solutions To Spy on Your Spouse For Apple

There are some ways how you can spy on a cheating spouse that has an Apple device. It is a bit more complicated than to monitor an Android phone, and it is a time-consuming process. There are three best ways how you can control an iOS device:
• iCloud
• Spy applications
• Find my phone or Find my friends

The are many spy apps that you can use for iOS devices. To use some of them, you should jailbreak your phone. The jailbreaking process allows iOS users to install an application, not from AppStore and to modify operating system files.

Many spy apps don’t require jailbreak; the application for iOS devices has some restrictions. Usually, you can use only a basic feature set without jailbreak. Nowadays, iOS jailbreaking isn’t so popular, and it is almost impossible to jailbreak the latest iOS versions.

Another way to spy on a cheating spouse is to use a standard iPhone application ‘Find my iPhone’. It allows you to track the GPS location of your spouse in real-time. Also, you can use the ‘Find my friends’ application to check the location of your partner. This app allows you to get a notification when the target phone enters or leaves a certain place.

To use the ‘Find my friends’ app, both parties need to have the app on their phones. You have to send an invitation to track the location, and your spouse should accept it. You can do it secretly by yourself, and then your spouse won’t know that his/her location is monitored.

Use iCloud To Spy On Your Spouse

You can spy on the phone of your spouse using iCloud credentials. It is one of the easiest and the most popular way to track iOS devices. If iCloud backup isn’t activated on the target phone, you will need physical access to the phone.

First thing you have to do is to go to the Settings of your spouse’s phone and log in iCloud, using password and Apple ID. Then you can select what you want to monitor. With iClous credentials, you can monitor messages, emails, photos, location, contacts. For example, if you are going to track photos, you need to go to photos settings and enable photos synchronizing.
You can sign in your spouse account and wait till he/she logs in too. Now you are ready to monitor the options you selected.

Our Team Solution

There are many modern ways how to spy on a cheating spouse. We suggest you select one of the reviewed options. Spy apps are the most comprehensive and simple option to be aware of everything that happens in your spouse’s life. Stop wasting your time and catch a cheater in a matter of seconds with the help of apps for cheating.


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