May 29, 2020
Why Do People Cheat And How To Prevent It

Why Do People Cheat and How to Prevent It?

Reasons behind cheating and ways to prevent it

Whether you have been cheated on or you were the cheating partner in the relationship – majority of people believe cheating to be wrong. Even though most people consider cheating as something immoral, it has still been happening for years and years over. So how can someone whom a person loved, and also believed loved them back, turn out to be a cheating partner? Although the reason a person cheats varies from person-to-person, below are some of the legitimate reasons as to why people turn to cheating.

Reasons pertaining to individuals.

If you have heard the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater” and wondered if there is any truth to this saying, yes there is. This saying pertains to individual reasons such as cheating traits that make an individual more prone to cheating than others. According to researchers, here are some of the risk factors relating to individuals:

  • Religiosity: A person’s religiosity could potentially indicate the person’s likeliness to commit infidelity. With strong religious beliefs, a person is less likely to turn into a cheating partner than a person who is less religious. This is because people that are very religious have strict values to abide by.
  • Personality: A person’s personality also plays an important role in determining whether the person would turn out to be a cheating partner or not. There are some traits that impose higher risks on an individual to commit infidelity. Some of such traits include: less agreeable, and less conscientious personality.  Low self-esteem can also lead a person to commit infidelity as they can become much dependant on other people’s attentions towards them.
  • Gender: There are records of both men and women being victims of cheating as well as being the cheating partner. Although a person’s gender cannot be the only reason why the person cheats, studies suggest that men are at a greater risk of turning out to be the cheating partner than women. This is because men naturally have higher amounts of testosterone than women; which is the hormone that causes a person to have strong sexual desires.

Why men have cheated?

  • To look for something that he did not get in the relationship: Whether it is the absence of the right type of affection, love or sex, a lot of men turn to cheating while searching for it in someone else.
  • To experience something new in bed: Another reason why some men turn out to be the cheating partner is because of the excitement to try out something different – that the person’s girlfriend might have objected to.

Why women have cheated?

  • Emotional incompatibility: Some women have been found to cheat on their partners because they did not find their partners to be emotionally compatible to them. An example of such a case includes a woman cheating because of the feeling of isolation in a relationship.
  • To make a way to end the relationship: Another common reason as to why some women cheat on their partners is because they need a way to end the relationship. Such an incident may be applicable when the two people may have already drifted apart from each other but did not end the relationship.

Reasons pertaining to relationships.

Although the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater” holds truth to it when it pertains to individual reasons, this saying is not true when it comes to cheating due to relationship reasons. Some people tend to turn out to be a cheating partner due to dissatisfactory characteristics about the relationship – not necessarily because they have personality disorders. These type of people get rid of their desire to commit infidelity when they find a partner that is well-matched to them. Here are some of the risk factors relating to relationships:

  • Dissimilar partner: Research suggests that the more dissimilar your partner is as compared to you, the more like you are to experience cheating. An unmatched partnership might be a result of some of the following dissimilar characteristics: level of education, personality, etc.
  • Feeling unloved: People tend to express their love towards someone in different ways. Some people tend to express their affection verbally – such as saying sweet things to your partner. On the other hand, some people tend to express their affection physically – such as through kisses and cuddles. If you and your partner have different ways of expressing love, it could potentially leave one of you feeling unloved. If a partner feels unloved in a relationship, he/she might be open to receiving love from someone who understands them better.
  • Detachment: Detachment or disconnection in a relationship is one of the most common reasons as to why people end up being a cheating partner. If a person feels drifted apart from their partner, cheating could be a way to experience something exciting and new for them. Detachment can result from various reasons, such as spending less quality time with each other due to work or looking after children, or lack of communication.   
  • Frustration: Frustration in a relationship is another leading cause of cheating. When there are continuous disagreements or fights between the partners, one of the two might put continuous efforts to solve the issues. If even after several attempts the partner does not experience less frustration in the relationship, it is quite likely that he/she will have second thoughts about the relationship and turn to infidelity.

Reasons pertaining to situations.

Cheating due to situational reasons does not necessarily mean that a person is unhappy in a relationship or the person has a personality that is prone to cheating. Rather, the situation or the environment that the person is in could play an important role as to “why” a person turned to committing infidelity.

  • Tempting situations: Some situations tend to put a person at risk of committing infidelity more than others. If a person tends to spend a lot of time in an environment with plenty of attractive people, he/she is more likely to end up being a cheating partner. 
  • Nature of workplace: The nature of someone’s workplace or employment could also turn out to be a risk factor leading to cheating. Some of such employment natures may include: a work that includes touching other people, the need to carry out a lot of one-to-one personal discussions, etc.
  • Urban areas: Unlike rural areas, urban areas are more populated – which means, more potential partners with whom a person can commit infidelity with. Moreover, people living in the urban areas tend to have a more liberal mentality regarding extramarital sex. Therefore, such reasons make urban areas more suitable than rural areas for a person to be influenced to cheat. 
  • Imbalance of sex ratio: In an area where there is an imbalance of sex ratio, for example a campus or workplace where there are more men than women or vice versa, there are higher chances of people experiencing or committing infidelity.

How can you prevent cheating in your relationship?

Whether you have experienced cheating in the past or would simply like to be more cautious in your current or future relationship, there are some effective ways through which you can avoid a cheating partner. Here are some ways to keep your partner interested and faithful in your relationship:

  • Proper communication: You have probably heard this a million times before, but communication really is the key. No one is a mind reader. You will only end up hurting yourself when you expect your partner to read your mind and understand exactly how you are feeling – if you do not actually speak to him/her. Therefore, you need to properly communicate to your partner and give them every little detail.

While it is absolutely crucial to let your partner know about the things you expect and how you are feeling, it is also important to talk to them about the little things – such as, how your day was. A relationship can have strong bonding and understanding only through proper communication between you and your partner.

  • Appreciation: Another key to maintaining a healthy relationship is by showing your appreciation to your partner every single day. No matter how little a thing is, appreciating and showing love towards the little things about your partner will keep them feeling special. As a result, they will not feel the need to look anywhere else for feeling loved.

Also, it is important to always tell your partner how much they mean to you. Because if you do not do so, someone else will. To add on, avoid reproaching or nagging your partner if you do not like certain things that they do. Berating your partner could leave them feeling frustrated and influence them to commit infidelity as they search for appreciated elsewhere.

  • Keep it exciting: Keeping the intimate life between you and your partner exciting is one of the most important aspects of your relationship that you must not neglect. Through all your work schedules and running daily errands, you need to make time for each other to keep your intimate life alive. By doing so, your partner will be focused in your relationship and not look anywhere else for pleasure.

Kiss your partner the way you did towards the beginning of your relationship to bring the butterflies back. Give importance to making time for enough romantic rendezvous with your partner. Touch one another and have regular sex. It is also a good idea to spice up your intimate life through experimentation and being open to new ideas.

By doing so, you can figure out new things that both you and your partner find pleasure in. Spicing up the intimate life between you and your partner is an effective way to retain all of your partner’s focus to yourself and not let your relationship become boring or monotonous.


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