July 13, 2020

Hidden SMS tracker for iPhone or Android device: how it works?

Did you notice your significant other is hiding when texting? Or, your teen is seeing someone you don’t know personally but want to? The way out is definitely to use a hidden SMS tracker. It literally translates what a target person is up to currently. Let’s find out how it works for both – iPhone and Android phone.

Hidden SMS tracker for an iPhone

There are plenty of them. Together with text messages monitoring, SMS trackers allow recording instant messengers. It might come in handy if your loved one uses more WhatsApp or Viber than ordinary texting.

However, SMS messages might speak volume about another person. To get to know what exactly a user might find out, it makes sense to regard the three core features of every SMS tracker.

Three main features of an SMS tracker:

  • Textual content. Users read conversations. Thus, it allows making a conclusion about the nature of communication with others. Usually, romantic partners find it helpful.
  • Multimedia files. It’s possible to see photos and videos, provided they are stored in the device. They also bring many insights into the essence of relationships with recipients.
  • People behind SMS. If they are put into a contact list, the participants of the conversation might be visible. The app enables users to block contacts.

To use a hidden SMS tracker, a customer has to know the iCloud credentials of the target device. If the system asks two-factor authentication, then physical access is a must.

Hidden SMS tracker for an Android phone

The market of Android trackers is more abundant. They not just monitor text messages, but instant messengers, social media, the whole online activity (websites, bookmarks, web searches), the GPS location, etc.

In general, SMS trackers for Android devices do not differ by its functionality too much. They display incoming and outgoing text messages and the related contact details. Some trackers allow viewing SMS logs in the format of Excel reports.

SMS trackers found its target audience. They allow parents to capture their kids’ activities. Any channel of information sharing speaks volume. So does texting. Parents have the chance to know their children’s interactions with others. If the nature of communication is unhealthy, they can block concrete contacts from the list and prevent the reaching out this way.

Romantic partners use it as well. People value their time and efforts. Nowadays, they don’t want to invest in relationships without being sure they will work. To make sure, people verify their loved ones. Or, someone with a horrible past doesn’t want to make the same mistake. They also check whether the other one is worth trust and time.

The business niche uses SMS trackers as well. 78% of business owners monitor their employees’ phones, emails, online operations, provided these are the corporate property. Additionally, every worker should be informed about the fact of monitoring.

 How to install it?

A hidden SMS tracker is a part of the application that provides other monitoring opportunities. To set it up on the target device, a user needs to do three simple steps:

Step 1: Purchase the application:

The software is available on its official site. Usually, after clicking “Buy” (button might differ), the system redirects prospects to the payment system integrated into the service. They enter the required data. After the payment is confirmed, a new customer gets a letter from the service.

Step 2: Install the app

In the service’s letter, there’s the link to an online account. It was created with credentials provided during the registration. When accessing it, a customer sees the setup wizard. It walks through the process of installation.

By the way, SMS trackers are not visible on the target device. They work in a stealth mode. Their icon is hidden.

Step 3: Start tracking SMS

When opening the Control Panel, customers see the list of features the app contains. Among them, there’s always the Text Messages option. There, users can find the message itself, contacts of the participants, and timestamps.

 Can you check someone’s SMS online?

It’s always possible to view someone’s SMS online if the app is installed on the target device. Users can monitor text messages from any device. They just need an access to an online account within the service. The only condition is having the Internet connection.


The benefits of monitoring are undeniable. They provide the information. It allows people to make smart decisions. Normally, users are offered trials and demo versions. By giving it a try, it’s enough to understand if it’s a good fit for some particular situation.

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