May 29, 2020
Email Password Hack

How To Make More Email Password Hack By Doing Less

Today, Gmail is one of the most popular mail services on the Internet. Moreover, it can boast of a high level of security and protection against vulnerabilities. Thus, it’s very hard to hack somebody’s Gmail account. All beginner hackers are scratching their head about how to access Gmail account without knowing a password. In this ultimate guideline, you will get to know more about the most popular tricks about how to find your target person’s Gmail password.

How to hack an email account without changing the password?

There is a wide range of reasons to hack somebody’s account. All our life is hidden in our Gmail and instant messengers. Therefore, very often people want to read somebody’s Gmail in order to get all the truth about each other. That’s why a lot of different Gmail hacking techniques were invented.

In order to hack an email, people can use these techniques, including phishing, social engineering, catching a password by using a keylogger, and so on. All these techniques are effective and provide you with access to somebody’s Gmail account. So, let’s consider each of them in order to make sure which technique is the most useful and easy-to-use!

Method 1: Hack someone’s phone with just their number for free

The first thing I want to tell you about hacking somebody’s phone is that this is pretty difficult. This means that you need to make efforts to find a reliable and powerful tool to bring your idea to life. There are several effective methods providing you with a successful result. You can just pay your attention to apps designed with a huge number of effective monitoring features. 

However, anybody can’t hack somebody’s phone number just by using their phone number. All the spying apps provide users with a possibility to monitor the private information on the target device after the installation of the app.

When it comes to unrooted Android device, you will never be able to hack their devices just by using their phone number. You need to get their IMEI number. In order to catch their IMEI number, you need to get physical access to the phone.

However, if you want to track activities on the iPhone device, you can monitor all the information on this device even if you don’t have physical access to this device. You can monitor iPhone device by using your target person’s iCloud ID and password. After finding out your target person’s iCloud credentials, you will be able to retrieve all the useful information relevant to the information stored on the target device. The number of the phone doesn’t play any role in this case.

Method 2: Phishing – Stealing password by creating a fake login page

Phishing is one of the most popular techniques used for hacking somebody’s passwords. However, you don’t need to have any special knowledge or skills. Phishing is creating a duplicate Gmail login page used by the user for entering their data. If a user doesn’t have enough experience and has never been hacked, they don’t understand that they provide their personal information to other people. As a result, a hacker gets their target person’s private information entered on the duplicate page and transmitted to him.

Method 3: Social Engineering (Password Guessing and more)

Social Engineering is an easy-to-use method intended to answer correctly to the security question used for the protection of the private information on the login page. This method doesn’t require any special knowledge or skills. The majority of users choose very easy questions, for instance, “What is the name of your pet?”, “What is the model and make of your car?”, “What is the second name of your mother?”. If you want to hack your friend or girlfriend, you can answer all these questions with ease. Social Engineering is also intended to guess a secret word. Another type of social engineering is guessing a password used by the user. Sometimes, it can be very easy if you know well your target person because the majority of the users create very easy passwords.

Method 4: How to Hack Email with a Keylogger?

Keylogger is a special inbuilt tool of the monitoring apps. This tool has gained a high level of popularity among users, it can provide users with any information typed on the target device. The principle of this method is intended to catch any keystrokes typed on the target device. By using monitoring apps with inbuilt keylogger tool you can retrieve any password typed on the target device and get access to different accounts used by your target person. Moreover, by using a keylogger, you can find out even credit card numbers. So, if you want to get access to any of your target person’s account, you can start monitoring your target device with any of monitoring apps, including PhoneSheriff, FlexiSpy, mSpy, iKeyMonitor, and others.

Can a Keylogger Be Detected?

After the installation of the monitoring app on your device, the icon of this app can be hidden on the screen of your device.

However, there are several signs that a keylogger is installed on your phone.   Let’s consider all of them:

  • The battery runs out of power quickly. It means that an app or software runs in the background. When it comes to the Android or iPhone keyloggers, they are usually developed to be undetectable on the target device and hidden on the screen.
  • The second and very important sign of that a keylogger is installed on your device is the temperature of your phone. When a keylogger is turned on, your phone can become very hot. When a phone works overtime and the app is open, this can heat up your device. If you want to check whether a keylogger is instaled on your device or no, turn off all the apps and programs on your device. When it’s still hot, then it means that a keylogger is installed on your device.
  • You get strange messages on your phone. Android keyloggers are often installed via text messages. You will get a message on your phone that includes a strange code or link. If you get such a message on your phone, you need to delete it immediately.
  • The fourth sign that a spy app is installed on your phone is that your phone turns on and turns off on its own. If your phone turns on and turns off without any reasons, it means that some software or keylogger impacts your phone’s operating system.
  • The phone works slowly. As it was mentioned above, if spying software is installed on the target device, it works in the background and slows down the performance of the phone. You can find out this while trying to browse or use instant messengers.

How can a Keylogger Help Me in Hacking Email Password?

Keylogger is a very useful tool that can grab absolutely every keystroke on the target device. By using it, you can find out any keystroke typed on the target device, including passwords used for different social networks and Gmail.

One of the hacker’s tasks is to read the logs and find out a Gmail password. By using Keylogger, a hacker can easily find out any Gmail password. After cracking Gmail password, Keylogger sends it to your device, where you can read it and get access to your target person’s Gmail.

Which Keylogger is the Best?

When it comes to choosing the best Keylogger, you need to pay your attention to mSpy, FlexiSpy, iKeyMonitor, PhoneSheriff, and others. These monitoring apps have in-built Keylogger tool that provides users with passwords of their target person. Let’s consider each of them and which benefits they offer their users.

MSpy is one of the most popular parental control apps that can boast of a huge number of benefits. MSpy Keylogger allows catching every keystroke on the target device and helps protect your children from harmful or inappropriate communication with online bullies, predators, and paedophiles. In addition, MSpy provides other monitoring features, including tracking GPS location, monitoring instant messengers, SMS, log calls, and so on. All these features provide parents with sophisticated and multifaceted parental control of their children.

SpyMyFone also offers a powerful in-built Keylogger option that allows monitoring every keystroke and provides users with access to all the accounts of their children. By using SpyMyFone keylogger, you can retrieve Gmail passwords with ease. In addition, SpyMyFone allows monitoring app activity, capturing screenshots, viewing browsing history, monitoring photos and videos, tracking location, and so on. One of the main benefits of this monitoring app is the installation without root or jailbreak.

One more reliable and beneficial monitoring app is called iKeyMonitor. It allows monitoring any text typed on the target device. It retrieves every keystroke typed on the target device. Therefore, by using iKeyMonitor, you can get to know Gmail password and passwords used for social networks with ease. Due to this feature, you can supervise all the activities performed by your children or spouse on the target device.



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