May 29, 2020
Spy On A Cell Phone Remotely

How to spy on a cell phone remotely?

To spy on a cell phone becomes lucrative

IoT reps know: the best money-making machine is the product which either meets people’s needs or feeds their “inner demons”. However, monitoring software that allows to spy on a cell phone is both – they provide solutions to solve problems of infidelity, safety, or even sanity and calm down or cause fear, self-doubt, and jealousy. That way, the market of spy apps is doomed for growth.

“What I saw with a spy app blew my mind…”

Samantha, who had 2 kids from two previous marriages, would check on his ex-partner almost regularly. To make sure this one was the right person, she decided to spy on a cell phone. So, she installed a spy app on his smartphone. It turned out the guy was flirting with women on social media and even had a dating profile. “What I saw blew my mind,” she said. “I saw his status “Single… ready to mingle.” “I am not a drama queen, but this was too much for me, so we broke up.”

In a nutshell, a spy app is an ideal finding for partners who are not sure their second one is faithful. However, the software is used by parents and employers as well. Since the law permits monitoring, spy apps use it to have a “positive” official image in the public eye.

How to spy on a cell phone remotely?

Users are usually offered to purchase an app online. After that, they need to have a physical access to a target device to download and make it invisible. Some developers claim that in order to spy on a cell phone, you can do the installation remotely. If a target device runs on iOS, it’s possible to set up the app if the other person possesses the iCloud’s credentials without a 2-factor authentication. So, do not fall for their promise of a remote installation for the latest iOS versions which has this security measure by default.

After registering within the service and creating an account, a user will be lead to a control panel. This is a virtual place where all the magic happens. It literally demonstrates everything that’s going on on the target device. Critics say it’s intrusive to spy on a cell phone. But overprotective parents don’t care because they are trying to filter the web content to make it safe for kids.

Spy apps’ features are almost similar. So, then regarding one of them, you’ll supposedly learn about others. However, the differences exist as well. For example, the “Stealth Camera”. The app takes a picture secretly by using the camera of the target phone. After that, the program sends it to a spying person. It’s a perfect way to spy on a cell phone, isn’t it?

Another “purely” spy feature is listening to the phone’s surroundings. It activates the target mobile phone’s microphone and transmits everything that was happening around or with the phone. Similar to this one, the Call recordings allows intercepting calls, recording them, and delivering to the control panel or dashboard (some spy apps use the term “dashboard”).

What spy apps have in common?

When willing to spy on a cell phone, the window of opportunities opens. Here are the most valuable from the customers’ point of view:

1.Spy on calls.

You can literally view who called and when. The app provides timestamps and contacts of people if they are put into the contact list. Some of them allow blocking contacts so they would never reach out to a target person again. It could be a way out for kids who face bullies at school. Or, the feature might be helpful when trying to stop an annoying ex-boyfriend from calling you all the time.

Parents say unanimously that listen from time to time how their babies communicate with others, and that speaks volume. That’s how they find out about the development of their social skills as well.

2. Spy on SMS and emails.

Texts is a subject of interests for everybody. They are insightful. That’s why all the categories want to spy on a cell phone. For example, parents can track their teens’ intentions to run away from home with their first crush. Romantic partners have the odds to identify flirting or, worse, cheating. Employers are able to check how corporate property is used. Additionally, they can monitor work emails and the way the data is distributed to third parties.

Speaking of the data leak, the whole world was shaken after massive attacks on such giants as Uber and Facebook. They had their customers’ data leaked to third parties. Obviously, spy app won’t protect against those threats because this is not their mission. But they pinpoint someone who aims at divulgating corporate data without an authorized permission.

3. Track instant messengers.

SMS is no longer the main source of communication, instant messengers are. They are free and quick. So, people migrated there. Apparently, developers wouldn’t miss the chance to satisfy this particular demand. That way, to spy on a cell phone means you can access someone’s chatting on Facebook Messenger or Viber. Moreover, it’s possible to view multimedia files, such as photos and videos.

By the way, parents have all the chances to stop sexting if they monitor periodically their kid’s stored multimedia files. Sexting is exchanging sexually explicit material. If a child sends or stores somebody’s photo with a naked or half-naked body, it can bring about the criminal charge and ruin the reputation. Sexting is criminalized in the US and the UK because it is equal to child pornography. Parents can go to jail. Therefore, to spy on a cell phone is a must in particular cases.

4. Check on the GPS location.

Usually, it is a primary reason that allows to spy on a cell phone. Romantic partners are used to verifying whether their significant other told the truth about their current location. So, they simply look at their device’s GPS situation.

Some manufacturers went further and offered the geo-fencing. It makes sense particularly for parents. They set up no-go areas on the virtual map and get notified when they are crossed. It is extremely powerful when there are kids with some deviant behavior in the house. For example, children with dementia, memory loss, or Alzheimer disease.

5. Spy on websites and bookmarks.

This feature is an integral part of an inbuilt filter system. To spy on a cell phone is impossible without supervising the web activities. The filter system might be different. Usually, the software allows to view the whole activity, including searches and bookmarks. Thus, if family members watch some inappropriate content online, it’s possible to unveil it easily. Besides, the program blocks websites by entering their URLs into “Blocked apps” list (the name differs for every single spy app).

When striving to spy on a cell phone specifically, users turn to the Keylogger and Keywords alerts. They enable tracking of the keystrokes typed by a target person. With Keywords alerts, parents set up specific words they want to fish for and get informed when they are typed.

6. Look at Calendar plans.

Every single entry may be visible. You cannot spy on a cell phone without poking a nose into the calendar. Married people use this opportunity. They really want to know if their the one plans something apart from them.

Parents can also find it useful. At some period, teens often do not open up to parents. So, the only way to understand teens’ plans is to look at the calendar. Moreover, parents get notifications when a kid added a new event. They can see meetings and their details. The feature makes sense for employers as well.

7. Spy on installed applications.

The program lets see any installed software on the device. Thus, it’s possible to pinpoint a dating app. Also, parents use it to spy on a cell phone and get to know what consumes their kid’s time. It could be very insightful about their interests, inclinations, hobbies. Apps dedicated to violent games, racism, and sex won’t contribute to the child’s healthy upbringing. To spy on a cell phone in this manner reduces screen time and device addiction in general.

Parents can also block applications they disapprove. Another side of spy apps is that they literally can manage the phone’s activity without its owner permission.

When regarding spy apps, they seem like evil agents penetrating into somebody’s life and reporting to others some private information. But these apps are simply a tool. It’s up to customers to decide whether it will serve the good or the bad.


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