May 29, 2020
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How to tell if your iPhone is monitored by spy software?

Nowadays, iPhone spy apps are particularly “ambitious” and aim at invading the whole niche of monitoring software. You may come to this conclusion by analyzing the scale-up of 10 spy apps for iPhone. Giants on the market, they work in a stealth mode and do their stuff effectively winning suspicious customers all over the world. Overprotective parents, jealous partners, bossy employers are satisfied, while target people might be getting serious troubles. Let’s help them by explaining how to discern if a spy software monitors your phone.

First, think about who would like to spy on you. Are you in relationships and your significant other is super mistrustful? Or, your boss is convinced that competitors somehow manage to fish for the information that belongs to your corporate archives? Anyway, the very contemplation of people around you might help identify the reason for spying.

Second, you notice somebody in your surrounding knows the information you would never share. They use and manipulate it. The question should pop up in your head: “Where did they get this?’” So, the conclusion is sole here: pay attention to what people say about you and how they use this information. However, this analysis is not effective without a physical detecting of iPhone spy apps on the phone.

5 Signs that can detect spy software on your iPhone.

1. Weird phone behavior.

Whatever cool your Apple’s product is, iPhone spy apps affect their functioning significantly. Sometimes, in order to install a spy software, a user needs to jailbreak the phone. Right after this procedure, the phone may “go crazy”.

Usually, iPhone spy apps cause hardware-related issues that disturb the phone’s owners. For example, some have observed that the speaker icon becomes disabled when they call somebody. Or, the battery dies too often and too fast.

When performing the jailbreak, there’s always the risk of “bricking” the phone. The term means that a user has done something to their device and, as a result, it becomes absolutely unuseful. You can’t even fix it by reloading or rebooting. That way, if you see your iPhone’s functioning is literally odd, ring alarm bells.

For the record, iPhone spy apps provide the jailbreak as well as non-jailbreak solution. It depends on the phone’s version as well as on the physical access to the target device. If you noticed you did not receive updates from the App Store and other official content services, it’s a sign your phone was jailbroken to install something you wouldn’t allow.

Another tangible signal that you are being monitored with a spy software is some malware circulating freely in your device and producing tech inconveniences. For example, when you watch a video on the phone, suddenly it collapses for no reason. Jailbreaking makes the device vulnerable and opens the door to malware, viruses, including iPhone spy apps. Check if there are some viruses in your phone. Its presence can speak volume. Unfortunately, this is a flip side of the iPhone spy apps’ installation.

2. Battery Rundown.

If you examine old iPhone spy apps, which are long-term players on the market, you’ll understand that they deal with vast amounts of data stored on their services. The process of monitoring is quite cumbersome. Obviously, they “wear the battery out”. So, if you notice that your cell phone’s battery dies too quickly and more intensely than it used to, pay attention to it. However, do not mess up with the natural process when the device simply “gets older”. It’s noteworthy that top 10 spy apps for iPhone are tailored for large amounts of data storage and delivery and do not consume that much battery energy. 

Also, your whole device might shut down for no reason and too often. Besides, the battery might be charged, but you still face the problem. Spyware is known to be buggy (they always fix something) and the phone cannot “stand” it.

3. Some hissing or noise.

Sounds, voices in the background can be the result of call interception and recording features. For example, certain iPhone spy apps offer so-called “Ambient recording”. Its purpose is to let users know what’s going on in the target person’s surrounding. Or, some spy software provides call recording. They use the phone’s microphone and sound settings. Thus, if an app fails to transmit the recorded conversation, there might be noises coming from the phone.

4. Receiving odd texts.

iPhone spy apps may also use remote SMS commands that allow performing specific actions. For example, they send a particular combination of symbols when trying to deliver data to a server or get updates on the GPS location immediately. It looks like someone runs your iPhone and does the stuff, and you don’t know about it.

So, you may be receiving some odd SMS containing erratic numbers, letters, etc. This is a tell-all sign you’ve been hooked up on one of iPhone spy apps. Again, if it happens periodically, then it’s time to tune in.

5. Your phone’s data use skyrocketed.

You’d been using your device, and suddenly you see like something or somebody uses the data. The thing is that spy apps use some additional information to deliver promised logs to a spying person. The latter can view them anytime. However, at present, advanced iPhone spy apps need fewer data to work properly. That’s why it is complicated to spot them.

This is not a full list of possible signs that your cell phone is supervised with a spy software. But these are the most popular among Apple’s fans who ever faced iPhone spy apps. If you feel like being monitored, find out on your own how this kind of apps works and what are their manifestations. The most reliable way is to use spy-detective apps that will tell any intrusive activity performed by a non-owner.


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