May 29, 2020

Expert Way To Spy On Your Girlfriend And Detect Infidelity

With the development of many monitoring apps, many partners want to find out how to spy on their girlfriends’ phones. Some users may find spying inappropriate. But once your gut tells you that something has changed and your girlfriend isn’t the same girl you met once, the only thing left is to find the truth.

This guide contains signs your GF is cheating on you and some expert advice to help you spy on your girlfriend’s phone and get to the bottom of her behaviour.

Not-So-Obvious Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Your Relationship Started From Infidelity

If you have been an accomplice to an affair, it may feel weird to continue building a healthy relationship after the actual affair is over. Both partners need to take efforts to create something meaningful out of casual fling. But sometimes your girlfriend maybe just a serial cheater.

What if problems in her previous relationships weren’t really the cause of the affair with you? She may enjoy living this way, and you can suffer the same fate her former boyfriend did.

She Started Criticizing You

When a person cheats, they often want to justify their actions by subconsciously turning their current relationship into hell. She may begin criticizing what you wear, the decisions you make and get angry over something she didn’t pay attention to before.

Most of the cheaters feel guilt and embarrassment, so they try to compensate it by being cruel and mean to their partner. If you notice that your girlfriend starts being over annoyed at you, maybe you aren’t the real reason for such behaviour.

She Stopped Sharing Details Of Her Life With You

Once people are in a relationship, they obviously confide in each other. It is a usual thing to discuss how the day went by when both of you met after work. Although, if your girlfriend avoids being open and communicate with you, she may have someone else to confide in.

You might ask: “So, what, she can’t have friends?” Of course, she can. But there is a line between friendship and emotional affair. Are you sure your girlfriend is not crossing it?

 She Accuses You Of Cheating

Often cheaters do precisely the opposite what you expect from them – they start accusing their partners of infidelity. Blame shifting usually happens for two reasons. Telling that you are a cheater out of sudden your girlfriend makes you guilty of what happened. When deep down she knows it’s she who is unfaithful, but want to project her fault on you.

She can also accuse you out of curiosity. If she managed to hide her affair, maybe you could do it too?

Your Usual Relationship Issues Have Disappeared

Calm can be misleading. When you think your girlfriend seems happy and content in the relationship that was on the rocks a week before, she may be hiding something from you. If your couple has been through hard times recently, the problem can’t just disappear.

Avoiding speaking about issues that were the most discussed thing between you two may be an alarming sign that your girlfriend is over you. Maybe she stopped looking for a solution to the relationship problems but start finding comfort in someone else?

How To Find Out The Truth?

Even if you have noticed some signs of infidelity that doesn’t mean that she is cheating on you. By taking out your suspicions on her, you will only make her more careful. What you need is a reliable way to dispel or confirm your doubts. Luckily, with the help of the tracker app, you can spy on your girlfriend’s phone and find out all the truth.

100% Invisible Way To Track Her Cell Phone

Most of the tracker apps offer you extensive functionality and full invisibility. They allow you to see what’s stored on your girlfriend’s device, including photo and video. You can also stay informed about her location. So, whenever she says that she is late at work, you can check if it’s not another excuse.

Usually, cheaters text each other and exchange flirty emoji. So, if you want to spy on your girlfriend, you better start from checking her WhatsApp conversations. Keep reading to find out how to do it.

How To Read Girlfriend’s Text Messages Without Her Phone?

To spy on your girlfriend’s phone and read her messages staying invisible, follow the guide:

  • Choose the tracker app

There is a selection of tracking apps available on the Internet. mSpy is one of the best spying options, but you can also try some other alternatives, such as SpyBubble or Spyzie. Create your account and get access to installation instructions.

  • Install the software on her phone

You need to install the spying app on your girlfriend’s smartphone. Usually, installation takes 3-4 minutes if it’s Android. To spy on her iOS device, you don’t need to install anything. You can just link her iCloud with your account, and that’s it.

  • Read your girlfriend’s messages

The app will start collecting your girlfriend’s messages and other activity. Log in to your account to read every sent and received a text message as well as chats on WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. All information will be stored in your Control Panel, so you can check later or even print to show her the evidence of the betrayal.

What To Do If You Catch Your Girlfriend Cheating?

You can feel disappointed and humiliated, but you need to stay calm when you find out that your girlfriend is a cheater. She doesn’t deserve to see you hurt. Try to get yourself together and have an honest conversation about what happened. It’s better to find out the ugly truth than to waste your time on the wrong person.


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